The Story Behind Djako Supply

Hi all,

Djako Supply was founded in 2018 to share our love for sneakers with you.
Our love for sneakers started with collecting the Jordan 1 silhouette for several years. The spark you feel when you finally receive that one specific pair you're looking for is one of the best feelings.

As collectors we experienced it's not easy to find that one pair. With selling and buying sneakers for our personal collections, we builded op a great network. We liked the process of finding that one pair and wanted to pass over the spark you feel when you get your new shoes. We wanted to create a place where you can get the exclusive ones for affordable prices. With our experience over the years we are able to create a safe environment where you can buy authentic shoes.

Our dad's nickname was Djako. After our dad died to cancer in 2015 we wanted honor him. We named our company after him - Djako Supply.

That's our story!